Learn CSS by Playing Games

Learn CSS by Playing Games


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Today, I'd like to share 6 amazing games to learn CSS. Let's goooo πŸš€

1. CSS Garden

image.png Learn CSS Grid Layout by planting trees and growing your garden with 28 different levels.

2. FlexBoxZombies


Flexbox Zombies is a fun game where we use Flexbox to position hero’s crossbow and hit the zombies and survive.

3. Flexbox Froggy

image.png Learn Flexbox by guiding the frog to the lilypad using diffent Flexbox properties you have learnt

4. CSS Dinner


CSS Dinner is a game to learn different selectors in CSS and organising them in a way to prepare a good looking meal.

5. FlexBox Defence


In this game, we use the CSS Flexbox properties in building a strong tower and stopping enemies.

6. CSS Battle

image.png CSS Battle is a online interactive playing platform where you can invite your friends and make use of CSS properties to build certain shapes and battle against them.

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